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Can I just go back in time?

I have a lot of games I would like to buy but they are all $150+ by now… damn collectibles! Looking at I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream and it is $154.94. And Daggerfall is $499.99 (why not just add the extra penny?). Arena happens to be at $99.95 (Used -.-) Redguard is at $79.79 (explainable pricing since the game is only good for collecting since the gameplay on the original copy, if I remember correctly, is virtually unplayable due to devastating glitches).

Brings me to another point about these prices but back to the point… why can’t I just throw my money into a time machine and buy a game from the past? I want to own it as it originally was and not digitally where I can’t cuddle with it at night… >.>