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Dramatic reading of The Lusty Argonian Maid. 

oh my god


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In most dungeons, the choice mode of lighting in entrances/boss chambers is downward shafts of light, because it gives a lovely focus on one specific spot (usually the boss’ initial location)

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~Moar Spoilers~

~Skyrim Spoiler~

Time Lapse of a Day and 2 Nights in Skyrim (by Aerobrine)

The package that arrived in today’s mail. Don’t be surprised if I don’t resurface until January

Larry Hryb’s photo “The package that arrived in t…”

DAMN IT MAJOR NELSON… I am so friggin jealous :’( 

Simply said…

I frigging love you guys, don’t think I have seen a video of mine make so many hits in just the first 6-9 hours.

24-26 hits yes but still that makes me happy :’)


The Beauty Of Madness (by Aerobrine)

After all that waiting here it is :3

And if you can watch this in full HD

Aerobrine Plays Oblivion part 3 (by Aerobrine)

In the meantime… PART 3!

Aerobrine Plays Oblivion Part 2 (by Aerobrine)

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Yeah, these are some of those “I don’t know what I’ll put these in” photos. Since I’m kinda jetlagged from the weekend in Boston (on the other side of the country might I add), this is what you get today, sorry!

hey these are kinda gorgeous

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Wings of Kynareth- Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

oh god this I love it so much.

Hey followers, listen to this, please. I don’t care if you’re not a TES fan, just give it a listen.

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Here are the confirmed Skyrim Achievements :D
I’ve grouped them up and coloured them differently for ease, but left to right, this seems to be the grouping  :

  1. Main Quest
  2. The Companions
  3. The Thieves Guild
  4. The College of Winterhold
  5. The Dark Brotherhood
  6. The Stormcloak/Imperial Legion SideStory
  7. Levelling Up
  8. Shouts
  9. Daedric Artifacts
  10. Dragon Souls
  11. Misc 1
  12. Misc 2
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These games changed my life. They are honestly the most beautiful, detailed, intensive games I’ve ever played and I will never get tired of them.

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